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Birthday Wishlist

Birthday parties are an age-old tradition. People have always believed in good and evil spirits, and folklore has it that spirits gather around a person who is celebrating his or her birthday. Years ago (and even nowadays in some parts of the world) everyone was afraid that these spirits could cause harm to the birthday boy or girl. And so, friends and relatives would surround the child and their good wishes would protect them. Giving presents brought even greater protection as did eating together and so the concept of the birthday party (and birthday presents) was born. In very early days, only kings or prominent men were thought important enough to celebrate the occasion of their birthdays. But as time went on, ordinary people began to celebrate this event too, and so people gave presents to their friend or loved-one to send their best wishes and to help protect them as much as anything else.

The world today may be one where many people are in a better position, where living standards for many have improved, but that doesn?t explain everything. With this new-found improvement in life has come the additional pressure to work harder and longer. As people spend more time either working or commuting, they tend to have less time to spend on friends and family. Its not unheard of to just see relationships drift apart because of this lack of time. As a result of this change in the way we live our lives, society has developed a way to get around this growing gap in our relationships. And that way is the way of Gifts.

Birthday Wishlist Ideas


Most of us love clothes but don't always enjoy receiving them. But now you can ask for that specific top or scarf or pair of jeans on wish list detailing where to buy them, the size and colour and style. It's easy. You can even upload a picture or link to one.


It is the era of technology. Everyone loves gadgets. If you love specific gadget and want it for your birthday, add to your Wishlist and let everyone know about it.

So, create your Birthday Wishlist today! Let the world know what you want this birthday.

Birthday Cards

HELP your friends find a gift.

Create a wishlist. Share it with friends and family. Help them find a gift that you will cherish.

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